Neil Hopcroft

A digital misfit



My cousin had his wedding on his birthday, complete with the traditional bumps.

Neil Number 1

I thought he’d turn up sooner or later, Blue Neil. He’s not looking quite so blue these days. Or, indeed, particularly happy about having his picture taken.

Selfie Number One

Early 2002 and this is my first selfie – one of very few I have ever taken. A bunch of us went skiing and I was looking for sunglasses – there weren’t any mirrors but I had my camera. Thus a craze was born.

For sale, Ford Sierra, one careless owner

This poor thing survived my time in London and came with me to Oxford. It blew an engine, which I suspect was caused by a botched cambelt change (by a main dealer, no less) but could not prove. This had the weird symptom of being fine all the time the revs were over 4k, but […]

Smooth or Spiky

If you ever wondered why I was called smooth Neil, meet Spiky. More importantly I’m actually Neil number 4 – Number 1 might turn up at some point but two and three are consigned to history now.

How we used to live

This is one of the flats I lived in in London, the nicer of them, it was in Finchley, a few minutes walk from the Tube station. I didn’t really like living in London much, there’s a lot of angry people and it kinda makes you angry too. There are some things I miss, like […]

Lets go fly a kite

Our friend Matti is not one for doing things by halves – this is Daymo trying to control one of his kites.

All the songs we know

I learned to skim stones on a lake in the Canadian Rockies. We went with some friends of my parents and their family, including their children and Gramps, their grandfather. It took hours but with the endless supply of skimming stones and patience I can only dream of, I got there in the end. And […]

Like butterflies on a wheel

The Laxey Wheel is the biggest waterwheel in the world and one of the iconic images of the Isle of Man. We visited and went down the mine associated with it.