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Octave build break: SuiteSparse version

The recent update to the latest SuiteSparse has caused a build error, undefined references to SuiteSparse_realloc, SuiteSparse_free, SuiteSparse_time, SuiteSparse_calloc, SuiteSparse_config and SuiteSparse_malloc. This appears to be because they have moved to a new library, libsuitesparse_config.a and the octave dependencies haven’t yet been updated. Indeed, I suspect there are a number of other projects which will […]

fem-fenics octave package

As I mentioned before the fem-fenics package requires its own whole set of dependencies, a number of which are available on the fenics website. The octave package is an octave interface onto the fenics project, so to test it we need to install fenics. To install the octave fem-fenics package we first need to build […]

Build errors in the stk octave package

I’ve taken a look at the stk package following comments from Julien Bect on the maintainers mailing list. The Octave code I have comes from and stk code from, my build is configured to poll for SCM changes and rebuild when a change happens. It’s running on a small AWS instance, so builds […]

Response from the octave maintainers mailing list

There were a number of comments to my initial mail to the maintainers mail list. “reviving the fixed-point arithmetic package would be great. It’s gotten badly bit-rotten, and is of interest to people working with certain digital signal processing hardware.” “Having regularly updated reports on the status of Octave packages would be great. Even better […]

octave build break – interp1q

My octave CI build has failed with this error: make[2]: Entering directory `/usr/share/tomcat7/.jenkins/workspace/octave/scripts’ make[2]: *** No rule to make target `deprecated/interp1q.m’, needed by `all-am’. Stop. This appears to be caused by Changeset 19526:ccef60b2a058 by Rik: maint: Remove functions deprecated in 3.8. * scripts/deprecated/ Remove deprecated scripts from build system. * scripts/deprecated/default_save_options.m,scripts/deprecated/gen_doc_cache.m, scripts/deprecated/interp1q.m,scripts/deprecated/isequalwithequalnans.m,scripts/deprecated/java_convert_matrix.m, scripts/deprecated/java_debug.m,scripts/deprecated/java_invoke.m, scripts/deprecated/java_new.m,scripts/deprecated/java_unsigned_conversion.m, scripts/deprecated/javafields.m,scripts/deprecated/javamethods.m,scripts/deprecated/re_read_readline_init_file.m,scripts/deprecated/read_readline_init_file.m,scripts/deprecated/saving_history.m:Remove […]

Review of the octave package build errors

Some of the octave packages are causing build errors, here is a quick review of how things are: ad: gives “error: ‘DECLARE_OCTAVE_ALLOCATOR’ does not name a type” ann: there appears to be a couple of problems here, delving a bit deeper into the build, this package can be built from the command line, allowing the […]

Octave build break – griddata

My CI build failed with this error: GEN griddata.eps error: print: no axes object in figure to print error: called from print at line 301 column 5 geometryimages at line 69 column 5 in octave/doc/interpreter. This appears to have been caused by this change: Changeset 19511:561af1ab6099 by Mike Miller: griddata.m: Return values instead of plotting […]

Current state of unmaintained octave packages

For the moment I’m just looking at the list of packages to try to understand what would be needed to get them up to a releasable standard. Name Install Licence Texinfo doc Required files actuarial Yes GPL No Yes ad No GPL Yes Yes ann No GPL No Yes audio Yes GPL/Public domain No Yes […]

Building Android OBD Reader

I have, for a while, been interested in OBD automotive diagnostics and have tried using several OBD applications on Android and Windows phone. One of them is Android OBD Reader. To add this to the Jenkins build server I have installed the Android SDK for Linux and the Gradle build system. I tried using the […]

Octave packages test results

Having set up a build of octave packages, I have now added a mechanism to test them. This is currently quite crude and probably doesn’t really reflect the actual state of the packages. Package Maintained Version Successful Run Pass actuarial No 1.1.0 Yes 16 0 ad No No 0 0 ann No No 0 0 […]