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More fixing of-fem-fenics build

When we last left this build there was a link error on boost::mpi::communicator::operator ompi_communicator_t*() const, there is a mailing list discussion describing a similar problem on Sparc. That discussion hints at there being multiple mpi implementations and that boost has been linked against OpenMPI while the linker has found a different implementation first. Building libboost_mpi […]

Fixing of-video

The of-video project gives “warning: package video is empty”. This project also has a bootstrap script which creates a configure script which creates a Makefile. Running ./configure gives “error: Octave-Forge video package requires libavformat from FFmpeg”. A quick check shows that ffmpeg is generating only static linkage libraries, adding –enabled-shared to the ffmpeg build, adding […]

Fixing of-stk

The of-stk project is a bit unusual as octave packages go, since it is intended to be usable directly on Matlab too. I have encountered and addressed some of these problems before. I have now brought the changes I made to the original octave-packages build for stk into the of-stk project. But I don’t think […]

Fixing of-optiminterp

The of-optiminterp project gives this error: *** mkoctfile lacks Fortran 90 support Again, there is an script in the src/ directory. Running this before the build gets us a bit further, but now configure reports config.status: error: cannot find input file: `’ Copying from of-audio allows configure to complete, but leads to a […]

Fixing of-ltfat

A quick look at the INSTALL-Octave file included in the ltfat package gives some instructions for compiling and installing the package on Octave. I have added the steps described to the of-ltfat project build script. However, it seems these steps are only for adding the current checkout to the current octave instance, not for creating […]

Fixing of-optim

The of-optim package fails with: invalid doc file format make: *** [../doc/optim.texi] Error 25 This looks like an error extracting documentation from the code files. There is a bootstrap script in the src/ directory. But this bootstrap just does the same ‘make doc’, leading to the same error. Looking further inside, it seems the problem […]

Fixing of-odepkg

This error /bin/sh: -O2: command not found make: *** [cash/mebdfdae.o] Error 127 looks like a configuration error, checking the package src directory there is an script. Running ./, ./configure and make resolves this problem. Fixed in build 20

Fixing of-galois

The installation of the of-galois package appears to work without error, but the “pkg(‘describe’,’galois’)” fails, a brief check shows that the package installs with the name of ‘galois field’. Fixed in build 37.

Fixing of-multi-precision

The build of this project fails to find mkoctfile, in the src/Makefile there is a comment “# assumptions to make if not using ./configure script” after which it defines MKOCTFILE to $(HOME)/usr/bin/mkoctfile Setting MKOCTFILE on the make command line can fix this, but only with make invoked directly – the octave pkg function calls make […]

Fixing of-fl-core build

The fl-core package is giving this error: In function ‘int get_available_cpus()’: error: ‘_SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN’ was not declared in this scope return sysconf( _SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN); ^ error: ‘sysconf’ was not declared in this scope return sysconf( _SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN); ^ make: *** [fl_compose.oct] Error 1 A quick search of the octave source code shows a potential alternative, […]