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Archive for December 2015

Setting up a Xamarin build in Jenkins

I recently had a look at a Xamarin Studio build running on a Mac, with the idea of adding the build to a Jenkins server. The build originally failed claiming that the Xamarin licence wasn’t valid (it was only a starter licence when the machine had a business licence installed). There are two options to […]

Build break in of-divand #196

The log reads: [of-divand] $ hg pull –rev default abort: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error Which looks like a problem with the mercurial server that I doubt I will be able to fix. I shall leave this project active for the moment and hope it resolves itself.

Refactoring OBD diagnostics page

The original version of the OBD ‘wheres Neil?’ page was created as a Perl script generating HTML/Javascript on the fly, this was made as a proof of concept to get something on the web. It does leave a lot to be desired, though. For a start, in its current form it will only display the […]

Build break in of-video #210

The of-video project has failed with these errors: In file included from AVHandler.h:244:12: error: expected ‘;’ at end of member declaration AVFrame *create_frame(PixelFormat fmt); ^ AVHandler.h:244:37: error: expected ‘)’ before ‘fmt’ AVFrame *create_frame(PixelFormat fmt); ^ In member function ‘int AVHandler::setup_write()’: error: ‘CODEC_ID_NONE’ was not declared in this scope av_output->oformat->audio_codec = CODEC_ID_NONE; ^ […]