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Octave build break: SuiteSparse version – revisited

So it seems like my fix for the SuiteSparse build break only partially fixes the problem. It does get octave building again, but it is now complaining about a couple of missing libraries, cholmod and umfpack, which I think should be included in SuiteSparse. I have used the autoconf-er for SuiteSparse build to make it […]

Octave package test results revisited

Following on from my previous exploration of octave package test results, I have updated the test scripts to better find functions and capture the results from their tests. What it does now: Get description of all packages For each package Reset counts for run, pass, xfail and skipped Load package For each interface category (=provides) […]

Dolfin success

It has taken a bit of wrangling but I’ve finally gotten dolfin to build. The final set of adjustments I have made to the build are: mv dolfin/la/PETScKrylovSolver.cpp dolfin/la/PETScKrylovSolver.cpp.orig sed ‘s/^.*KSPSetNull/\/\/ Line removed to fix build problem/’ < dolfin/la/PETScKrylovSolver.cpp.orig > dolfin/la/PETScKrylovSolver.cpp mv dolfin/la/CholmodCholeskySolver.cpp dolfin/la/CholmodCholeskySolver.cpp.orig echo ‘#include “SuiteSparse_config.h”‘ > dolfin/la/CholmodCholeskySolver.cpp cat dolfin/la/CholmodCholeskySolver.cpp.orig >> dolfin/la/CholmodCholeskySolver.cpp mv dolfin/la/UmfpackLUSolver.cpp […]