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Archive for September 2015

Dabbling with github and build automation

Github provides an API to search for repositories – this can be used directly from wget. As an experiment I have set up a simple script that gets the 30 most recently updated projects on github, clones them to a local directory, examines the code received, classifies it by build mechanism and, for some mechanisms, […]

Adding Osmosis build

To get the event finder build back up to date I need to bring the version of Osmosis it uses up to the latest version. To do this I have added an Osmosis project to the Jenkins CI server. This is a Gradle build publishing to an Artifactory server, requiring installation of the Artifactory plugin […]

Setting up freetype

Harfbuzz needs the latest version of Freetype – I’ve added this to the CI build. This is again a standard ./ ./configure make make install build. Upgrading to the latest freetype fixes the harfbuzz build but breaks the octave build – fontconfig is still using the original freetype installed by yum, in /usr/ rather than […]

Setting up HarfBuzz

I’ve added a CI build for HarfBuzz, this is a standard ./ ./configure make make install sequence. It has dependency upon: Ragel state machine compiler The build works from build 3 onward – set to poll daily. However, the default build is missing Freetype support, required for pango. The config.log for harfbuzz says “Requested ‘freetype2 […]

Build breaks during set up of of-* projects

While I’ve been messing around with the of-* projects there have been a number of projects suffering code rot. ImageMagick has encountered a subversion server error, which seems like it is probably beyond my control. Mesa broke in build 123 with a compilation error, then in 124 reported that it requires libdrm > 2.4.60, but […]