Neil Hopcroft

A digital misfit


Attack of the killer bees

Some of the art installations at the Eden Project are quite inspired – there are some works by Tim Hunkin

Edible heptagon

Food has to be truly remarkable for me to want to take a picture of it. And what could be more remarkable than my first (and so far only) edible heptagon. We went to a belly dancing restaurant for Penny’s birthday – I don’t want to share pictures of the dancing without permission.

Hot Vax

The underside of MicroVAX-en making a steady base upon which to build a barbecue. I’m not sure this would be the machine of choice these days – the Linux port claimed 5.42 BogoMIPS (cf. 6859.91 for the machine I’m currently using).

Tallington Ashes

Somewhere in the dim and distant past, there was a music and cricket festival.

Lost in time

I went to visit some Roman remains – unfortunately I have no record of where this was.

Blenheim Maze

We took a day out from Oxford to visit Blenheim Palace, where we spent a disproprotionate amount of time lost in the maze.