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Current state of unmaintained octave packages

For the moment I’m just looking at the list of packages to try to understand what would be needed to get them up to a releasable standard. Name Install Licence Texinfo doc Required files actuarial Yes GPL No Yes ad No GPL Yes Yes ann No GPL No Yes audio Yes GPL/Public domain No Yes […]

Becoming a maintainer of octave packages

I have asked the mailing list which packages I should pick up if I wanted to maintain some packages. Any of the unmaintained packages could be a candidate, but I figured that it would be better to ask which anyone cared about rather than just wade in and start maintaining some of them. These […]

Improving the octave build

Looking further at config.log and the output from configure, there are a few further improvements that could be made to make the build better. Add –enable-jit option, although this causes a warning claiming to be a missing LLVM include file, but closer examination of the config.log file shows actually is caused by failure to use […]

Putting the Continuous Integration into the octave CI build

The whole point of a CI server is to do continuous integration, that is making sure everything still works whenever there are any changes upstream as well as any changes to a projects own code. Looking at the dependencies for the octave build, there are a number of things I had to build myself to […]

Octave build break in CI build

My Octave CI build has broken with this change: “Changeset 19439:57b6e06ed811 by Mike Miller : maint: update library version numbers for upcoming release * libgui/ (liboctgui_current): Bump to 1. * libinterp/ (liboctinterp_current): Bump to 3. * liboctave/ (liboctave_current): Bump to 3. * (OCTAVE_API_VERSION): Bump to api-v50+.” This break lead to an error during tests: […]

Octave Packages CI build dependencies

Getting the CI build of Octave Packages working I have encountered a number of dependencies. Package Maintained Version Successful Dependencies actuarial No 1.1.0 Yes ad No No Build error ann No No Build error audio No 1.1.4 Yes miscellaneous>=1.1.0 benchmark No 1.1.1 Yes bim Yes 1.1.4 Yes fpl, msh bioinfo No 0.1.2 Yes cgi Yes […]

Octave Packages Continuous Integration Build

Having set up a CI build for Octave and determined the available packages, the next step was to set up a CI build for the packages. The packages themselves come from two sources, mercurial and subversion. I didn’t want a proliferation of Jenkins projects, so I set up a single project that polls the subversion […]

Octave Continuous Integration build

The nature of the Octave project is that it is a large project with lots of dependencies, this is one of the aspects that attracts me to it as a project to consider contributing toward. This does, however, mean that building it is quite complicated. My aim was to set up a CI build in […]

Maven Continuous Integration builds

Jenkins CI includes Maven integration, to take advantage of it I have added a main Maven pom.xml build file. To build a set of projects add them as modules and select ‘pom’ packaging. The Maven build then resolves the dependencies among the included projects and builds them in the appropriate order, publishing the results to […]


It turns out that it is not that difficult to convert a project to be built using Maven. Here are the steps I went through: Set up a repository – I’m using Artifactory Set permissions on the repository to allow a user to write to it Get the settings.xml file for Maven configuration Add the […]