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Segfault is oftests #24

Test stk_example_kb09 failed with a segfault. Looks like this might be related to a problem that has been discussed on the octave mailing list, although my symptoms are significantly worse than those described in that report. I’ll rerun the tests once the build machine is a bit more quiescent. Following a further couple of builds, […]

More on oftests hanging

So it seems that updating SymPy hasn’t resolved the hang problem. So I have now added a workaround to skip the hanging test. This should at least get the tests running to completion again and producing results – the skipped test will show up as an error-ing test in the results. Except that this isn’t […]

New project: SymPy

Following some warnings in the oftests build, I have added SymPy to the CI build. This is a standard python build. Running this build gives Processing dependencies for sympy==0.7.7.dev0 Searching for mpmath>=0.19 Reading /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pkg_resources/ PEP440Warning: ‘mpmath (0.4.src)’ is being parsed as a legacy, non PEP 440, version. You may find odd behavior and […]

oftests hanging

I have set the Octave Forge tests to run every week, since the complete run of all tests should take nearly a day. It has recently been hanging, though, with an error about closing an IPC pipe: Running some tests that reset the IPC and produce output Resetting the octsympy communication mechanism Closing the Python […]