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Build break in of-video #234

There are some more FFMPEG errors in the of-video build, ironically they appear to be introduced by Changeset 50:73e26dc9bd9a by Andreas Weber : Fix compiler warnings, replace deprecated functions, bump version …or maybe my previous changes were undone by this change. Once again, this is some missing AV_ prefixes. Fixed in build #244.

Build break in of-video #210

The of-video project has failed with these errors: In file included from AVHandler.h:244:12: error: expected ‘;’ at end of member declaration AVFrame *create_frame(PixelFormat fmt); ^ AVHandler.h:244:37: error: expected ‘)’ before ‘fmt’ AVFrame *create_frame(PixelFormat fmt); ^ In member function ‘int AVHandler::setup_write()’: error: ‘CODEC_ID_NONE’ was not declared in this scope av_output->oformat->audio_codec = CODEC_ID_NONE; ^ […]

Fixing of-video

The of-video project gives “warning: package video is empty”. This project also has a bootstrap script which creates a configure script which creates a Makefile. Running ./configure gives “error: Octave-Forge video package requires libavformat from FFmpeg”. A quick check shows that ffmpeg is generating only static linkage libraries, adding –enabled-shared to the ffmpeg build, adding […]