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Refactoring OBD diagnostics page

The original version of the OBD ‘wheres Neil?’ page was created as a Perl script generating HTML/Javascript on the fly, this was made as a proof of concept to get something on the web. It does leave a lot to be desired, though. For a start, in its current form it will only display the […]

Resurrecting Where’s Neil? and the OBD data logger

A little experimenting with the bluetooth OBD units in my car has shown that one of them hasn’t blown yet – I thought my car had a tendency to overvoltage and smoke them, at least a couple have given up their magic smoke. This means there is potential to resurrect the “Where’s Neil?” web page […]

Build break – obd android #42

Build #42 of the obd android project failed with A problem occurred configuring root project ‘obd android’. failed to find Build Tools revision 23.0.1 I currently have v22.0.1 installed, so time to update the Android SDK. Running ‘tools/android update sdk –no-ui’ doesn’t update my build tools, despite going through some of the downloading/updating process. I […]

Build breaks during set up of of-* projects

While I’ve been messing around with the of-* projects there have been a number of projects suffering code rot. ImageMagick has encountered a subversion server error, which seems like it is probably beyond my control. Mesa broke in build 123 with a compilation error, then in 124 reported that it requires libdrm > 2.4.60, but […]

Building Android OBD Reader

I have, for a while, been interested in OBD automotive diagnostics and have tried using several OBD applications on Android and Windows phone. One of them is Android OBD Reader. To add this to the Jenkins build server I have installed the Android SDK for Linux and the Gradle build system. I tried using the […]