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Count on me

Another piece of art at the Pompidou Centre was a Fibonacci Series. This was the second outing for my camera and I hadn’t worked out how to use it. This picture got me chased around the museum by an angry custodian who didn’t like the flash. Indeed, it would probably have been a better picture […]

She said “Don’t go dark on me again”

Some years ago I shared a house with a number of people – it was a large terraced house opposite the Roman Catholic cathedral in Northampton. One of our housemates there returned to her native France where three of us would visit her. Mostly we’d pile into Daves company car and he’d drive us there. […]

All these moments will be lost in time

On my thirtieth birthday, I met with a number of friends in London. I was, then, as now, not very organised and didn’t have a plan. We dithered and tried to find a restaurant in Leicester Square that could seat us all. So we ended up in Wong Kei in China Town. It wasn’t what […]