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Response from the octave maintainers mailing list

There were a number of comments to my initial mail to the maintainers mail list. “reviving the fixed-point arithmetic package would be great. It’s gotten badly bit-rotten, and is of interest to people working with certain digital signal processing hardware.” “Having regularly updated reports on the status of Octave packages would be great. Even better […]

Current state of unmaintained octave packages

For the moment I’m just looking at the list of packages to try to understand what would be needed to get them up to a releasable standard. Name Install Licence Texinfo doc Required files actuarial Yes GPL No Yes ad No GPL Yes Yes ann No GPL No Yes audio Yes GPL/Public domain No Yes […]

Becoming a maintainer of octave packages

I have asked the mailing list which packages I should pick up if I wanted to maintain some packages. Any of the unmaintained packages could be a candidate, but I figured that it would be better to ask which anyone cared about rather than just wade in and start maintaining some of them. These […]