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Setting up a Xamarin build in Jenkins

I recently had a look at a Xamarin Studio build running on a Mac, with the idea of adding the build to a Jenkins server. The build originally failed claiming that the Xamarin licence wasn’t valid (it was only a starter licence when the machine had a business licence installed). There are two options to […]

State of the nation: things are looking up

For the first time since I started running the build server in earnest there are no red dots showing next to any of the projects. I have disabled a few projects, mostly because they are not used by the target projects I am interested in and because they have suffered some kind of build error […]

Adding Osmosis build

To get the event finder build back up to date I need to bring the version of Osmosis it uses up to the latest version. To do this I have added an Osmosis project to the Jenkins CI server. This is a Gradle build publishing to an Artifactory server, requiring installation of the Artifactory plugin […]

Building Android OBD Reader

I have, for a while, been interested in OBD automotive diagnostics and have tried using several OBD applications on Android and Windows phone. One of them is Android OBD Reader. To add this to the Jenkins build server I have installed the Android SDK for Linux and the Gradle build system. I tried using the […]

Fixing the octave build break

As I noted before, the ‘clean build’ option was not set in the Octave build, setting this option and resolving the errors caused by it – I had manually copied groff.enc into the build tree, which now needs to be done automatically – makes the build work. This brings up a couple of points, it […]

Putting the Continuous Integration into the octave CI build

The whole point of a CI server is to do continuous integration, that is making sure everything still works whenever there are any changes upstream as well as any changes to a projects own code. Looking at the dependencies for the octave build, there are a number of things I had to build myself to […]

Octave build break in CI build

My Octave CI build has broken with this change: “Changeset 19439:57b6e06ed811 by Mike Miller : maint: update library version numbers for upcoming release * libgui/ (liboctgui_current): Bump to 1. * libinterp/ (liboctinterp_current): Bump to 3. * liboctave/ (liboctave_current): Bump to 3. * (OCTAVE_API_VERSION): Bump to api-v50+.” This break lead to an error during tests: […]

Octave Packages Continuous Integration Build

Having set up a CI build for Octave and determined the available packages, the next step was to set up a CI build for the packages. The packages themselves come from two sources, mercurial and subversion. I didn’t want a proliferation of Jenkins projects, so I set up a single project that polls the subversion […]

Octave Continuous Integration build

The nature of the Octave project is that it is a large project with lots of dependencies, this is one of the aspects that attracts me to it as a project to consider contributing toward. This does, however, mean that building it is quite complicated. My aim was to set up a CI build in […]