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Adding yocto project

There seems to be a number of people using Yocto Project for their embedded systems builds, indeed, I have experimented with it for the Intel Galileo board I dabbled with a couple of years ago. To add this to the CI build server I am going to use the Jethro branch. First step is to […]

State of the nation: things are looking up

For the first time since I started running the build server in earnest there are no red dots showing next to any of the projects. I have disabled a few projects, mostly because they are not used by the target projects I am interested in and because they have suffered some kind of build error […]

New project: SymPy

Following some warnings in the oftests build, I have added SymPy to the CI build. This is a standard python build. Running this build gives Processing dependencies for sympy==0.7.7.dev0 Searching for mpmath>=0.19 Reading /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pkg_resources/ PEP440Warning: ‘mpmath (0.4.src)’ is being parsed as a legacy, non PEP 440, version. You may find odd behavior and […]

oftests hanging

I have set the Octave Forge tests to run every week, since the complete run of all tests should take nearly a day. It has recently been hanging, though, with an error about closing an IPC pipe: Running some tests that reset the IPC and produce output Resetting the octsympy communication mechanism Closing the Python […]

Platform updates causing build errors

Recently there was a significant number of package updates following a kernel update for the AWS instance I’m using. This has caused a number of build errors, which I think are the result of permissions reverting back to default rather than those I’ve changed to allow the build process to install files too – of […]

Adding Osmosis build

To get the event finder build back up to date I need to bring the version of Osmosis it uses up to the latest version. To do this I have added an Osmosis project to the Jenkins CI server. This is a Gradle build publishing to an Artifactory server, requiring installation of the Artifactory plugin […]

Restructuring the CI build for Octave Forge packages

Following a discussion on the maintainers mailing list about some recent problems with sourceforge, the Octave Forge packages are moving away from the sourceforge version control system. I have, for a while, been thinking about restructuring my octave-packages project. The current structure has two layers, one for the svn code from sourceforge, then a second […]

Build break in dolfin – build 202

This break started with CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:889 (message): Generation of form files failed: sh: ffc: command not found …in build 202, but then a change was made to update the dependencies, requiring ffc version 1.7.0. However the ffc version on the master branch is still 1.6.0, a little searching around shows that the ‘next’ […]

Round up after build break fixes

Phew, that was a lot of build breaks – that is what happens when you stop paying attention and let the code rot set in. They’re all fixed now except obd android (recent change missing some files) and qhull (cannot reach git server). Still, I’m back on top of things now. During these fixes I […]