Neil Hopcroft

A digital misfit


Mother and son chased each other around the lake.

Nils sailing

It was the first time for Nils to go sailing at his mums sailing club.

Captain Blue

My wifes sailing club had an open day. I stayed on dry land and took advantage of the sunshine to take some photos.

Attack of the killer bees

Some of the art installations at the Eden Project are quite inspired – there are some works by Tim Hunkin

Edible heptagon

Food has to be truly remarkable for me to want to take a picture of it. And what could be more remarkable than my first (and so far only) edible heptagon. We went to a belly dancing restaurant for Penny’s birthday – I don’t want to share pictures of the dancing without permission.

Hot Vax

The underside of MicroVAX-en making a steady base upon which to build a barbecue. I’m not sure this would be the machine of choice these days – the Linux port claimed 5.42 BogoMIPS (cf. 6859.91 for the machine I’m currently using).