Neil Hopcroft

A digital misfit

All these moments will be lost in time

On my thirtieth birthday, I met with a number of friends in London. I was, then, as now, not very organised and didn’t have a plan. We dithered and tried to find a restaurant in Leicester Square that could seat us all. So we ended up in Wong Kei in China Town. It wasn’t what I had in mind, but it was a great night.

The most determined of us went on some Goth night at Gossips afterwards, a slimy dark hole of a club under the back streets of Soho.

It was also the day I got my first digital camera, a small, cheap, fixed focus thing with a memory card that would take 8 pictures. This is one of those first few.

It gave me no clue about the joy I would get over the years as both my cameras and my skill improved. A lot has happened in those eighteen years and I have pictures to show for most of it, behind many of those pictures is a story that could so easily be lost like tears in rain.

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