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Adding project of-secs

This project consists of three packages, secs1d, secs2d and secs3d. secs1d depends upon bim, secs2d has no dependencies and secs3d depends upon bim and fpl. Each of the packages has its own subdirectory.
secs1d and secs3d have no src/ directory and can both be installed directly.
secs2d has a src/ directory containing a makefile.
The build fails during the make stage of secs2d: error: ‘Octave_map’ does not name a type
int Uscharfettergummel(const Octave_map &mesh,

This happens because Octave_map was renamed octave_map in version 4.0.0, renaming all instances in the source files should allow the compilation to complete.
Fixed in build #16.

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