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Adding Navit to the build server

Since I’m considering changing my car, I’m having a look at some potential in-car computing systems. Navit looks like it might provide some interesting functionality for open source navigation based on OSM maps. So I’m adding Navit to my Jenkins build server. The project lives in Git and is built with CMake. Adding this build is easy and, while the build completes successfully (installation is another matter, but that is because I built sudo root from the command line which doesn’t give user tomcat permissions to overwrite some of the files…that’ll take a little sorting out, but shouldn’t cause any significant problems), there are some missing dependencies:

  • dbus
  • dbus-glib
  • liblocation
  • libosso
  • libgps
  • libgarmin
  • imlib
  • gypsy
  • fontconfig
  • libspeechd
  • fribidi
  • freeimage

Some of these should be resolved by installing the -devel packages:

  • dbus-devel
  • dbus-glib-devel

The rest will probably need projects added to the build server.

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