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For the first time since I started running the build server in earnest there are no red dots showing next to any of the projects. I have disabled a few projects, mostly because they are not used by the target projects I am interested in and because they have suffered some kind of build error which will take some tracking down.
There are still some test failures, showing as yellow dots for unstable builds, notably in the event locator project. This project needs revisiting and completely refactoring at some point, but first I need to dig out a development desktop machine with enough memory and disk space to run the development environment.
Now we have a good baseline from which any failures can be investigated and resolved.
The build queue is now pretty constantly full, so this is really too small a machine for the builds I am trying to run, but since I am only running them ‘for fun’ and not directly toward any business goal there isn’t a pressing desire to upgrade the AWS instance, besides, I have paid for three years of a heavy utilisation instance at this level, so I may as well keep it running doing something.
One factor making the build queue so full is that the octave project triggers builds of all the of- projects upon completion, so every change to octave causes 70-something items to be added to the queue – I could reduce the impact of this by turning the SCM polling frequency down, it is currently @hourly, which I suspect launches a lot of builds which could just as well be done @daily, especially given the build itself takes 12 hours.

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