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More on the dolfin build breaks

Time to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty in the code following my previous chasing of various build errors.
The build error I am seeing now is

/usr/share/tomcat7/.jenkins/workspace/dolfin/build/dolfin/swig/modules/mesh/modulePYTHON_wrap.cxx: In function ‘PyObject* _wrap_MeshGeometry_set(PyObject*, PyObject*)’:
/usr/share/tomcat7/.jenkins/workspace/dolfin/build/dolfin/swig/modules/mesh/modulePYTHON_wrap.cxx:18767:60: error: no matching function for call to ‘dolfin::MeshGeometry::set(std::size_t&, const std::vector&)’
(arg1)->set(arg2,(std::vector< double > const &)*arg3);

This is in the swig autogenerated file modulePYTHON_wrap.cxx, but I can’t work out why it is trying to use them. Disabling the Python wrappers in the cmake options allows the build to complete.
While looking at this, I noticed that cmake is complaining that PetSc was built without cusp support, so PetSc support is disabled. Looking further into it, cusp requires a Cuda compatible GPU, which is not available on the AWS cloud (leastwise, not on the machine I am using there, it might be on the chunkier machines, but I doubt it). So I am going to have to live without Petsc support in dolfin.
This also means that I can disable the petsc, petsc4py, slepc and slepc4py projects, since they are only used by dolfin.
The build is finally fixed in build #506.


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  2. Even better, by using a super-accurate software interpreter backed up by hardware tests as a guideline, many instructions were made more accurate over the course of the 4. In our previous release, if a title used full MMU emulation, that more or less meant it was not playable due to just how demanding these games were.

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