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Build break – mesa #181

The mesa project build is failing with “make[5]: *** No rule to make target `brw_cs.cpp’, needed by `brw_cs.lo’. Stop.”
Looking at the change logs, this seems like it was caused by Commit dc70c86b9b485cb5006a55cc2efd1f154dbfd469 “i965: Move compute shader code around” – where brw_cs.cpp turned into brw_cs.c
Build #189 introduces a new error “make[3]: *** No rule to make target `nir/nir_lower_samplers.cpp’, needed by `nir/nir_lower_samplers.lo’. Stop.”, caused by Commit de7ffdb38343b7f9292184ca827987de9852c80c “nir: rename nir_lower_samplers.c{pp,}”, which again turned a file from .cpp to .c
Checking the project configuration, it is also missing a clean step, which is exactly the kind of thing that fixes this sort of problem.
Fixed in build #205

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