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Adding Osmosis build

To get the event finder build back up to date I need to bring the version of Osmosis it uses up to the latest version. To do this I have added an Osmosis project to the Jenkins CI server. This is a Gradle build publishing to an Artifactory server, requiring installation of the Artifactory plugin to Jenkins.
An initial attempt to make this build gives me this error:

Execution failed for task ‘:artifactoryPublish’.
File ‘/usr/share/tomcat7/.jenkins/workspace/osmosis/osmosis-apidb/build/libs/osmosis-apidb-0.44.1-2-ge9b3ea5-SNAPSHOT.jar.asc’ does not exists, and need to be published!

This is a signature file, and is probably missing because task “:osmosis-apidb:signArchives SKIPPED”, as are all the other sign tasks – I haven’t configured the Gradle signing plugin yet. After a bit of messing around finding a version of gpg that wouldn’t complain when it came to entering the passphrase (cygwin to the rescue), installing and configuring the keys makes the build complete and publish the build result to Artifactory.

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