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Build breaks during set up of of-* projects

While I’ve been messing around with the of-* projects there have been a number of projects suffering code rot.
ImageMagick has encountered a subversion server error, which seems like it is probably beyond my control.
Mesa broke in build 123 with a compilation error, then in 124 reported that it requires libdrm > 2.4.60, but libdrm should be in the CI build setup, so there’s a spurious pkgconfig file somewhere. Fixed in build 164.
obd android lost gradle – I think there was a path change that took it off the default path, setting the path to include gradle fixes build in build 41.
pango is reporting a build error following some changes to how it deals with HarfBuzz versioning. I’ve added HarfBuzz to the CI build.
qhull is hosted on gitorious, which has died and is now moving to, project disabled for the moment – I don’t see any updates to the project website to explain anything.

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