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Fixing of-optiminterp

The of-optiminterp project gives this error:
*** mkoctfile lacks Fortran 90 support
Again, there is an script in the src/ directory. Running this before the build gets us a bit further, but now configure reports
config.status: error: cannot find input file: `’
Copying from of-audio allows configure to complete, but leads to a syntax error in Makeconf where there is an unexpected DEFHAVE_LINUX_SOUNDCARD, which isn’t relevant to this project. I have added a patch to remove this.
The build then fails with a message “*** mkoctfile lacks Fortran 90 support”. Looking at the Makefile, it needs MKOCTFILE_FORTRAN_90=yes otherwise it will give this message. But MKOCTFILE_FORTRAN_90 is not set anywhere, it should be in the Makeconf file, but, probably because I’m using Makeconf from of-audio, isn’t. Adding it to the end of the file allows the make to complete and the package to install.
Fixed in build 38

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