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Fixing of-ltfat

A quick look at the INSTALL-Octave file included in the ltfat package gives some instructions for compiling and installing the package on Octave. I have added the steps described to the of-ltfat project build script. However, it seems these steps are only for adding the current checkout to the current octave instance, not for creating and installing a package. Looking in the mat2doc directory there is a script.
Running this script gives this error:
mkdir -p /home/susnak/Dropbox/ltfat_win64
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/home/susnak’: Permission denied
So it looks like it is set up only for a particular developers machine. Looking inside the script, we probably only need this line: `pwd`/.. mat – –octpkg –unix
I’ve added a new project for mat2doc, which also requires bibtex2html, also added as a new project. This, in turn, requires ocaml – I’ll install that from source rather than adding as a project. It also requires hevea.
mat2doc puts the output package file in $HOME/publish with the name of the project directory of-ltfat, to install it we need to rename without of- on the beginning.
Fixed in build 42.

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