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Round up after build break fixes

Phew, that was a lot of build breaks – that is what happens when you stop paying attention and let the code rot set in. They’re all fixed now except obd android (recent change missing some files) and qhull (cannot reach git server). Still, I’m back on top of things now.
During these fixes I have made a few environmental changes, updating tool versions and various other configurations, each of which has potential to disrupt builds of other projects. Where I’ve known about the implications of these changes I have made a note in my recent posts and built those things that I am aware of needing checking. But I’m getting nervous that I’ve done a lot of changes without rebuilding everything.
So, I’m going to rebuild everything. This gives me a chance to test out my build_all project, upon which everything should have a dependency, either directly or indirectly. Before I do this, though, I am going to wait for the server to be quiescent.

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