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Build break in freeglut – build 7

There was a build break in the freeglut build:

[ 38%] Built target freeglut
Linking C executable bin/CallbackMaker
lib/ undefined reference to `sball_initialized’
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: *** [bin/CallbackMaker] Error 1
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/CallbackMaker.dir/all] Error 2

There were a significant number of changes included in build 7 as it was originally configured without SCM polling, but that was enabled and build 7 was the catchup build. A little investigation shows that the error originates from linkage of one of the demos. Since we don’t need those, and we don’t really care about freeglut except that we use it for eigen -> dolfin -> octave-packages, we can disable the demos by calling ‘cmake -DFREEGLUT_BUILD_DEMOS=OFF ..’.
Turning off the demos doesn’t really help, we are now getting a complaint about cmake version, I have 2.8.12 installed while 3.0.0 is required. To fix this I’ll need to install the new version of cmake, but that, in turn, will require rebuilds of the projects that use cmake.

  • dolfin
  • eigen
  • qhull
  • vtk

The update to cmake 3 resolves the build error, and triggers builds of eigen and dolfin. I have now manually requested builds for qhull and vtk to ensure the change doesn’t break their builds.
The qhull build remains broken, but because it has a version control problem rather than anything related to cmake. vtk builds successfully.
Freeglut fixed in build 14.

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