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Build break in mesa – build 98

The mesa build broke with this error message:

checking for INTEL… no
configure: error: Package requirements (libdrm_intel >= 2.4.61) were not met:

Requested ‘libdrm_intel >= 2.4.61’ but version of libdrm_intel is 2.4.60

This was caused by this change:

Commit a025e539e430b7bbfae9b786bd79d0d608f1acf8 by emil.l.velikov
i965: bump libdrm requirement to 2.4.61 and drop in-tree workaround

To satisfy this dependency I have added libdrm to the build server, this resolves the dependency problem but leaves two undefined values, I915_PARAM_REVISION and I915_PARAM_CMD_PARSER_VERSION. Adding CFLAGS=”-DI915_PARAM_REVISION -DI915_PARAM_CMD_PARSER_VERSION” to the ./configure line of the build resolves these values to the point of completing the build, although I don’t know if it will cause problems because of incorrect values.
Break resolved in build 115.

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