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Octave build break: SuiteSparse version – revisited

So it seems like my fix for the SuiteSparse build break only partially fixes the problem. It does get octave building again, but it is now complaining about a couple of missing libraries, cholmod and umfpack, which I think should be included in SuiteSparse.
I have used the autoconf-er for SuiteSparse build to make it a bit easier to understand, that in itself was a little difficult to get working – I had renamed my SuiteSparse .tgz file to include the version number in the name (which the downloaded version does not). This lead to the script attempting, and failing, to download a new copy. Once I got this set back to the original name I asked it to build distfiles for all of the SuiteSparse packages, but it seems like some were missed, including the two listed above.
Asking the autoconf-er to make just the cholmod package complains about t_cholmod_gpu.c missing from SuiteSparse/CHOLMOD/Supernodal, but the file is in SuiteSparse/CHOLMOD/GPU. Copying the file to Supernodal would make the build work, but we need to do this a different way since the script deletes and unpacks a fresh version of the .tgz file. Putting it in the addons/ directory means it gets copied to the SuiteSparse/ tree fixes this problem.
This allows the umfpack package to build, since that was failing due to missing dependency on cholmod.
Once these packages were built new builds for dolfin and octave find the cholmod and umfpack libraries.

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