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Octave package test results revisited

Following on from my previous exploration of octave package test results, I have updated the test scripts to better find functions and capture the results from their tests.
What it does now:

  • Get description of all packages
  • For each package
    • Reset counts for run, pass, xfail and skipped
    • Load package
    • For each interface category (=provides)
      • For each function in the category
        • Test the test runs
          • If the test succeeds, run it again and get and record the run, pass, xfail and skip numbers
          • If the test fails, record it as no test
    • Record the total run, pass, xfail and skip for the package
  • Write out the results at the end of the tests

I have set the build to generate tables of the test results. These aren’t pretty at the moment and could use some tidying up, not least because I haven’t gone through all of the packages and made sure they are building correctly.

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