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fem-fenics octave package

As I mentioned before the fem-fenics package requires its own whole set of dependencies, a number of which are available on the fenics website. The octave package is an octave interface onto the fenics project, so to test it we need to install fenics.

  • To install the octave fem-fenics package we first need to build the code in the fem-fenics/src directory. This causes a configure error
    • “error: dolfin required to install Fem-fenics Package”.
    • build dolfin package

  • Building the dolfin package:
    • “Unable to find the requested Boost libraries.”
    • sudo yum install boost-devel

    • “Could not find a configuration file for package UFC that is compatible with requested version 1.6.0.”
    • build ffc package, which includes the now-deprecated UFC package

    • “Could NOT find Eigen3”
    • build eigen package

    • “Could NOT find PythonLibs”
    • I changed python symlink to point to 2.7.9 while python2 symlink remained linked to 2.6.9.

    • “ImportError: No module named ufl.log”
    • build ufl package

    • “ImportError: No module named FIAT.functional”
    • build fiat package

    • “ImportError: No module named instant”
    • build instant package

    • “CholmodCholeskySolver.cpp:97:17: error: ‘SuiteSparse_long’ was not declared in this scope”
    • Update SuiteSparse to the latest version

  • Building the ffc package:
    • “Python 2.7 or higher required, please upgrade.”
    • Switched symlinks to 2.7

    • “Unable to find SWIG version 3.0.3 or higher.”
    • build the swig package

  • Building the swig package:
    • “yodl2man: Command not found”
    • Install yodl, which requires icmake to build

  • Building the eigen3 package:
  • …there are a number of optional packages, which may be required for other packages, so we’ll need a rebuild once everything else is building

  • Building the ufl package:
  • …builds without error

  • Building the fiat package:
  • …builds without error

  • Building the instant package:
  • …builds without error

  • Building the SuiteSparse package:
    • “/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lopenblas”
    • Install the latest OpenBLAS package


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  2. Zoyolin

    doing the same on ubuntu :
    boost-devel installation is done by : “sudo aptitude install libboost-all-dev libeigen3-dev”
    then go to the libs python problem …

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