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Build errors in the stk octave package

I’ve taken a look at the stk package following comments from Julien Bect on the maintainers mailing list. The Octave code I have comes from and stk code from, my build is configured to poll for SCM changes and rebuild when a change happens. It’s running on a small AWS instance, so builds can take quite a long time.

The octave package build performs the same steps for all packages:

  • update from source control
  • uninstall package
  • adjust build files
  • build c++ code
  • build package
  • install package
  • test package

It seems like this sequence isn’t appropriate for stk. The build error I see is during the build package stage, where it complains “package is missing file: DESCRIPTION”.
Looking more closely there are some instructions in the README file describing the installation process, run skt_init.m in octave. Running this the package installs, but it doesn’t follow the conventions of the other packages and doesn’t show in the list of installed packages.
The stk_init.m file has a setting STK_OCTAVE_PACKAGE = false; which appears to be a mechanism to set the code to install as an uninstallable package, but that isn’t working for me.


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