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Octave build break – griddata

My CI build failed with this error:

GEN griddata.eps
error: print: no axes object in figure to print
error: called from
print at line 301 column 5
geometryimages at line 69 column 5

in octave/doc/interpreter. This appears to have been caused by this change:

Changeset 19511:561af1ab6099 by Mike Miller:
griddata.m: Return values instead of plotting for Matlab compatibility (bug #45125)

* griddata.m: Return interpolated values instead of plotting a mesh for
compatibility with Matlab.  Adjust %!demos to call mesh on the output.
* NEWS: Mention change to griddata for 4.2.

Although it is not immediately clear to me from the diffs why this would cause an error.

Edit: This break is fixed by:
Changeset 19512:4e15a4c331e7 by Mike Miller:
doc: Fix griddata example to new calling convention

* geometry.txi (Interpolation on Scattered Data): Fix griddata example.
* geometryimages.m: Fix griddata call to match documented example and
produce the correct figure.

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