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Becoming a maintainer of octave packages

I have asked the mailing list which packages I should pick up if I wanted to maintain some packages. Any of the unmaintained packages could be a candidate, but I figured that it would be better to ask which anyone cared about rather than just wade in and start maintaining some of them. These are the unmaintained packages I’ve made successful builds of:

  • actuarial
  • audio
  • benchmark
  • bioinfo
  • civil-engineering
  • engine
  • fenv
  • gnuplot
  • gsl
  • information-theory
  • integration
  • irsa
  • mapping
  • missing-functions
  • multicore
  • nlwing2
  • nnet
  • octgpr
  • odebvp
  • outliers
  • plot
  • simp
  • special-matrix
  • symband

While I realise that making a successful build does not mean something is easy to get to a maintainable state, it is at least a good place to start from. I will take a closer look at these packages over the next few days.

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