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Putting the Continuous Integration into the octave CI build

The whole point of a CI server is to do continuous integration, that is making sure everything still works whenever there are any changes upstream as well as any changes to a projects own code. Looking at the dependencies for the octave build, there are a number of things I had to build myself to get the build working on the AWS server I’m using. I have taken that as a list of packages to build in the CI server. The dependencies look like this:

  • octave-packages
    • octave
      • arpack
      • fltk
      • librsvg
        • pango
      • mesa
        • libxcb
          • xorg-macros
      • qhull
      • qrupdate

None of these projects appear to be under significant development at the moment so I have set them to poll for updates daily, and the dependencies are set up within Jenkins such that any rebuild will build all of the projects that depend upon it.
There is one significant omission from this list: QT. Although I found a number of places that give links to the QT 4.8 active development branch, none of them are working for me.

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