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Octave Packages CI build dependencies

Getting the CI build of Octave Packages working I have encountered a number of dependencies.

Package Maintained Version Successful Dependencies
actuarial No 1.1.0 Yes
ad No No Build error
ann No No Build error
audio No 1.1.4 Yes miscellaneous>=1.1.0
benchmark No 1.1.1 Yes
bim Yes 1.1.4 Yes fpl, msh
bioinfo No 0.1.2 Yes
cgi Yes 1.0.1 Yes
civil-engineering No 1.0.7 Yes
communications Yes 1.2.1 Yes signal >= 1.1.3
control Yes 2.8.0 Yes
data-smoothing Yes 1.3.0 Yes optim >= 1.0.3
database Yes 2.3.1 Yes
dataframe Yes 1.1.0 Yes
dicom Yes 0.1.1 Yes
divand Yes 1.1.2 Yes
econometrics Yes 1.1.1 Yes optim
engine No 1.0.9 Yes
fem-fenics Yes No Build error
fenv No 0.1.0 Yes
financial Yes 0.4.0 Yes io >= 1.0.18
fits Yes 1.0.6 Yes cfitsio pkg-config
fixed No Build error
fl-core Yes No Build error
fpl Yes 1.3.4 Yes
fuzzy-logic-toolkit Yes 0.4.5 Yes
ga Yes 0.10.0 Yes
galois No signal >= 1.0.0, build error
general Yes 1.3.4 Yes
generate_html Yes 0.1.7 Yes
generate_latex 0.0.1 Yes
geometry Yes 1.7.0 Yes general >= 1.3.0
gnuplot No 1.0.3 Yes
graceplot No io >= 1.0.0, general, Build error
graph 0.0.0 Yes
gsl No 1.1.0 Yes gsl pkg-config
image-acquisition Yes 0.2.1 Yes
image Yes 2.3.0 Yes
informationtheory No 0.1.8 Yes
instrument-control Yes 0.2.1 Yes
integration No 1.0.7 Yes
interval Yes 0.1.5 Yes mpfr pkg-config
io Yes 2.2.7 Yes
irsa No 1.0.7 Yes
java Yes
jhandles No java, Java support
level-set Yes
linear-algebra Yes 2.2.2 Yes general >= 1.3.0
lssa Yes 0.1.2 Yes
ltfat Yes
macosx No Invalid package name
mapping No 1.2.0 Yes
mechanics Yes 1.3.1 Yes linear-algebra >= 2.0.0, general >= 1.2.2, geometry >= 1.2.1
miscellaneous Yes 1.2.1 Yes general >= 1.3.1
missing-functions No 1.0.2 Yes
mpi Yes No mpic++ pkg-config
msh Yes 1.0.10 Yes splines
multicore No 0.2.15 Yes
multi-precision No Build error
mvn Yes 1.1.0 Yes
nan Yes No Invalid package name
ncarray Yes No Invalid package name
netcdf Yes 1.0.6 Yes netcdf pkg-config
ngspice No ngspice pkg-config
nlwing2 No 1.2.0 Yes
nnet No 0.1.13 Yes
nurbs Yes 1.3.10 Yes Build error
ocs Yes 0.1.3 Yes odepkg
oct2mat No No io >= 1.0.0, build error
octcdf Yes No netcdf pkg-config
octclip Yes 1.0.3 Yes
octgpr No 1.2.1 Yes
octproj Yes 1.1.2 Yes
ode 1.0.1 Yes
odebvp No 1.0.6 Yes
odepkg Yes 0.8.4 Yes patch pkg-config
optics Yes 0.1.1 Yes
optim Yes No struct >= 1.0.10, build error
optiminterp Yes No Build error
outliers No 0.13.9 Yes
parallel Yes 2.2.1 Yes
pdb No No Build error
perl No Build error
plot No 1.1.0 Yes
project-web No Build error
prony No Build error
quaternion Yes 2.4.0 Yes
queueing Yes 1.2.3 Yes
real2rgb No Build error
robotis 0.0.1 Yes quarternions_oo
secs1d Yes No bim, Build error
secs2d Yes No Build error
secs3d Yes 0.0.1 Yes bim, fpl
signal Yes 1.3.1 Yes control >= 2.4.5, general >= 1.3.2
simp No 1.1.0 Yes
sockets Yes 1.2.0 Yes
soctcl No Build error
sparsersb No rsb pkg-config
specfun Yes 1.1.0 Yes
special-matrix No 1.0.7 Yes
splines Yes 1.2.7 Yes
statistics Yes 1.2.4 Yes io >= 1.0.18
stk Yes No Build error
strings Yes 1.1.0 Yes
struct Yes 1.0.10 Yes
symband No 1.0.10 Yes
symbolic Yes
system-identification No Build error
tcl-octave No No Build error
triangular No Build error
tsa Yes No Build error
video No No Build error
vrml Yes 1.0.13 Yes linear-algebra, miscellaneous, struct, statistics
wavelet 0.1.0 Yes
windows Yes No Invalid package name
xraylib No No libxrl pkg-config
zenity No No general >= 1.3.0


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