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Event finder – a revival

Some months ago I did quite a lot of work on a Java EE server to look for events at venues. This was going quite well but being significantly hampered by my poor internet connection – the next stage was to be a massive search and web crawl to collect a lot of data.

Now that I have an AWS heavy utilisation instance available it is time to revive this project. The plan for this looks roughly like this:

  • Get the code building in a new environment
  • Bring all the components up to date
  • Maven-ify the build and dependency management
  • Write some integration tests
  • Set up a continuous integration build
  • Get project deployable
  • Set up staging and live environments

The original work was done in a Linux (Ubuntu) environment, but my new laptop runs Windows 8.1 (yuck!), so I’m using that for getting the build working again from a clean machine. It is times like this that you are thankful you had the foresight to split everything platform dependent in the code into separate Settings and Implementation classes. Of course there are still a lot of failures when I try to run anything, but most of those are because I haven’t got PostgreSQL set up correctly yet.

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