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Another new era – it’s different this time

I’ve been looking around for a while for an open source project to get involved with, until now nothing has really piqued my interested. After heartbleed I took a look at OpenSSL but figured that had a lot of eyes on it especially then and I’d get lost in the crowd.

Now my life is changing and my time is going to be available more as little snippets of an hour or two here and there rather than full days to dedicate to work. Some of this could be used for helping out an open source project.

Open source is essential. Working with a bunch of jerks is not

Of course anything I do will be in the context of some of the other projects I have going on, which mainly revolve around forex markets and geo-spatial data analysis, but extend to include OBD vehicle diagnostics and natural language understanding. More of those over the next few weeks, as I come to them.

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