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Adding project of-secs

This project consists of three packages, secs1d, secs2d and secs3d. secs1d depends upon bim, secs2d has no dependencies and secs3d depends upon bim and fpl. Each of the packages has its own subdirectory. secs1d and secs3d have no src/ directory and can both be installed directly. secs2d has a src/ directory containing a makefile. The […]

of-nan build break – build #9

Build #9 of of-nan broke with this error: /usr/include/c++/4.8.3/bits/c++0x_warning.h:32:2: error: #error This file requires compiler and library support for the ISO C++ 2011 standard. This support is currently experimental, and must be enabled with the -std=c++11 or -std=gnu++11 compiler options. Which seems a little strange. There were no changes in build #9 itself, so the […]

Adding project of-octcdf

The octcdf package doesn’t have any dependencies, it is described as being obsolete, now replaced by netcdf, however it appears to have recent development. It contains a src/ directory with a configure script.

Adding project of-ocs

The ocs package depends upon the odepkg package. It contains a src/ directory with a makefile.

Adding project of-ncarray

The ncarray package depends upon the netcdf and statistics packages. It contains no src/ directory and can be installed directly.

Octave build break #916

The octave build has broken with an error in TEXI2DVI: TEXI2DVI doc/interpreter/octave.dvi /usr/local/bin/texi2dvi: etex exited with bad status, quitting. make[2]: *** [doc/interpreter/octave.dvi] Error 1 This is most likely a result of Changeset 21126:16bb4651a54d by Mike Miller : maint: Include profiler HTML templates in the distribution (bug #48116) * scripts/profiler/ (scripts_EXTRA_DIST): Include$(scripts_profiler_html_DATA) in the list. …which […]

Adding project of-bim

The bim package depends upon the fpl and msh packages. It doesn’t have a src/ directory and can simply be installed.

Adding project of-msh

The msh package depends upon of-splines. This project builds, but has a dependency upon dolfin which isn’t currently met, I will investigate that at some point in the future.