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Becoming a maintainer of octave packages

I have asked the mailing list which packages I should pick up if I wanted to maintain some packages. Any of the unmaintained packages could be a candidate, but I figured that it would be better to ask which anyone cared about rather than just wade in and start maintaining some of them. These […]

Improving the octave build

Looking further at config.log and the output from configure, there are a few further improvements that could be made to make the build better. Add –enable-jit option, although this causes a warning claiming to be a missing LLVM include file, but closer examination of the config.log file shows actually is caused by failure to use […]

Fixing the octave build break

As I noted before, the ‘clean build’ option was not set in the Octave build, setting this option and resolving the errors caused by it – I had manually copied groff.enc into the build tree, which now needs to be done automatically – makes the build work. This brings up a couple of points, it […]

Putting the Continuous Integration into the octave CI build

The whole point of a CI server is to do continuous integration, that is making sure everything still works whenever there are any changes upstream as well as any changes to a projects own code. Looking at the dependencies for the octave build, there are a number of things I had to build myself to […]